Board Meetings and Events

Board Meetings and Events

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Virtual Board Meetings
6:00 to 7:30 PM Board meeting

Persons other than Board members should contact Karen Person to attend

Monday, March 16 - 
Board Meeting cancelled
Monday, April 20 - 
Board meeting cancelled
Saturday, May 2 -
Annual meeting not held
Election held via email
June - no Board meeting
     Retreat held via Zoom
     in July after State Council
     meeting and National
     Convention (both virtual
Minutes File11-18-19 Board meeting Retreat held by Zoom in July - minutes  
Minutes File1-20-20 Board meeting Minutes 8-17-20 Board meeting
Board meeting cancelled - Derecho
Minutes File2-17-20 Board meeting Minutes 9-14-20 Board meeting
Minutes 3-16-20 Board meeting
Board meeting cancelled - COVID
Minutes 10-12-20 Board meeting
Minutes 4-20-20 Board meeting
Board meeting cancelled- COVID
Minutes 11-9-20 Board meeting
Minutes 5-18-20 Board meeting
Board meeting cancelled-COVID

                Events Calendar



Wed., October 21 - 6 PM - Virtual "Let's Talk" presentation - restorative justice practices and the Juvenile Justice system.  Guest speakers are from AMOS (A Mid-Iowa Organizing Strategy) led by Cheryl Hayes. To participate, send your email to lwvkaren [at]  
Tues., November 7 - 6 PM - A "Mental Health in Iowa" presentation by Teresa Bomhoff  
December - "Electoral college vs. Popular vote"   
January 2021 - Book Discussion "Caste - Origin of our Discontents" by Isabelle Wilkerson  
May - Annual meeting   

The National League of Women Voters National Conference had a virtual meeting on
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 26-29, 2020.