Our Positions and Program Priorities

Our Positions and Program Priorities

Our positions are the stances we have taken on issues that we have studied.  We are a political organization and, once a position has been studied and a resolution is voted upon, we may advocate for that position. While we never support or endorse a political party or candidate for elected office, we do advocate on issues. It should be noted, however, that our positions are not necessarily pursued until such time as the opportunity arises. Positions are reviewed at every annual meeting to see if we still want to retain them, update them or eliminate them.

Local Positions

The following are the local positions approved by the members attending our Annual Meeting in May 2020.  

Recycling and Solid Waste

Support of recycling, composting and regional cooperation on solid waste management for Towns of Southampton and East Hampton supporting recycling, composting and regional cooperation (LWVH consensus: 1989).

Affordable Housing

Support of a diversity of affordable housing opportunities to meet the current and future housing needs of all citizens, regardless of economic circumstances. Support of mixed-use development and housing types of varying sizes and price ranges and encouragement of efficient permitting processes and collaborative community based planning for long-term land use (LWVH consensus: 2002).

Council-Town Manager Form of Government

Support the reorganization of town governments to create the position of town manager who will assume administrative responsibilities thereby providing town boards greater opportunity to set policy and strategic direction (LWVH consensus: 2010).

Closure of Millstone Nuclear Power Plant

(This position, which had been previously adoped is to be reviewed during 2020 and to be reconsideed at the 2021 annual meeting.)

Support of the closure of the Millstone Nuclear Power Plant in Waterford, Connecticut, as there are no safe emergency or evacuation plans in place that would protect the public of East Hampton and Southampton as required by U. S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission regulations in the event of an emergency.

Formation of Peconic County

(This position, which had been previously adopted by consensus, is currently under review and will be reconsidered at the 2021 Annual Meeting.)

2020 Program Priorities

The program priorities recommended by the members at our January 2020 Program Planning Meeting and approved at the 2020 Annual Meeting are as follows:
  1. Continuation of work on voter services, particularly in respect to informing the public about changes in voting and registration
  2. Sustainability issues, for example, clean water
  3. Communication with the public