Steps for Organizing our Candidate Debates

Steps for Organizing our Candidate Debates


1.  An invitation is sent to each candidate inviting him or her to participate in a debate with the League of Women Voters Coos County.


2.  Once the invitation is accepted, a date is arranged and the candidate must sign a Confirmation to Attend, an Acceptance and Agreement to comply with our PDF iconCandidate Debate & Voter Forum Policies and the PDF iconCandidate Debate Ground Rules of the League.


3.  Once the signed papers are received the Debate is set and questions can be submitted by the community to the candidates through our website  ( or email (LWVcoos [at]


However, if fewer than 2 candidates accept the invitation by declining or refusing to participate or not being able to work out a mutually agreeable date; the debate cannot move forward.  Part of the PDF iconCandidate Debate & Voter Forum Policies of the LWVCC state that a "debate cannot be held unless there are at least 2 opposing candidates for the same position."  






The League of Women Voters is a non-partisan political organization with a mission to encourage the active and informed participation of citizens in government.  The League never supports or opposes any candidate or political party and aims to provide impartial information to voters about candidates' view on issues, and to stimulate interest and participation in the election.

For more information contact LWVCC Forum Chair, Suzanne Grami, 541-260-2028 or LWVCC President, Alice Carlson, 541-756-7290